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Antennensystem DAB & AM/FM Amplified Splitter for DIN Radio

  • Brand: Antennensystem
  • Product Code: ICT70-926-D
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £74.99

Antennensystem DAB & AM/FM Amplified Splitter for DIN Radio

This high quality DAB Splitter with built in amplifier is supplied with adapters to allow installation into vehicles with a standard DIN antenna connector

DIN radio antenna connector fitting kit for FM and DAB amplifier. Improves the reception of passive antenna.
This amplifier needs a separate 12V supply feed.

Use on cars like  Ford Focus, Nissans (pre2007) older Honda, Suzuki, Jaguar XJ8, XK8,  Kia , Hyundai, Subaru

This splitter amp can be powered either with a phantom feed OR 12v external supply. (if both by accident no damage will occur). It can only be used on vehicles with a PASSIVE antenna already on the vehicle (i.e. no in line amplifier or in antenna base amplifier fed by a 12v feed). This is because an am/fm amp will stop at 110 MHz therefore blocking any DAB signals that would be picked up by the antenna.

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