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2 Prong Windscreen Digital TV Antenna DVB-T

  • Brand: BCA
  • Product Code: ADSC410
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £74.99

2 Prong Windscreen Digital TV Antenna DVB-T

The ADSC410 are antennas for automotive use. Because metal parts inside a vehicle can influence the reception of digital terrestrial signals, it is not possible to give an unambiguous installation instruction that is applicable for every type of car. Therefore this instruction describes general guidelines to assure optimal reception in most cases. Nevertheless it is recommendable in particular situations to find the best arrangement by experimental trials

  • Prong Unipole
  • Reflector
  • 5V Active antenna
  • 5m flexible cable
  • F-Connector
  • Band pass 470 - 862MHz
  • Directivity 2-5dB
  • Internal amplified gain 17dB typ.
  • Antenna gain 7...12dBd typ.

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